Management – The Other Side …………. (Part – I)

“I was Born Intelligent ! but Education ruined me”

Being a Management graduate and spending 15 years in this corporate world I came across am experience that I thought of sharing with my friends. I came across many managers, all different kinds and all trying to do things differently. some of them coming from top Business schools and some of them rising above because of their experience (but a very few of these).

if we all learned the same things and similar ways to handle a problem ……….. then in real life …… given a particular problem ……….. why do our perceptions differ or change ………….

……………  because our born skills start dominating us ………………….

Managers are born .. (is this right …….. ). these are special skills which people possess from birth like common sense, leadership, reasoning, analytical ability, urge to perform, eagerness to go that extra mile etc. etc.  (i am not discussing those things that we learned while studying management).

I define management differently. 70% management is common sense and 30% is our experience that we get over a period of time. then what these Business Schools teach and why ………..

We live in a materialistic world. in this world Paper has the power, be it currency, any contract agreement or any degree. how do we tell the world that we are capable of doing a certain type of work. The world and the industry relies on the degree that we get from business schools, engineering colleges to testify our skills.

So what does these schools do ……………… they certify us ……….. so that industry could accept us and provide a job so that we can earn another powerful paper that we call currency or money, to sustain our livelihood.


Who is civilized in this world……

Human Beings are termed as the only civilized species on this planet. The definition of  Civilized has been devised by them and they are the only judge to make a selection.  So they termed themselves as civilized and all other species were termed otherwise.

Why I am raising this issue is because of the fact, that defining and making a rational assessment are two different things, and if both tasks are given to same group, then favourism is going to happen. Human Beings favoured themsleves and termed them as civilized.

But look at there history.. Man has been responsible for maximum deaths of their own species on this planet. He behaves in very similar manner as Animals do – they all mark their areas and protect them. Man also does that and never backtracks in killing another man if someone breaches his territory. We exploit nature in most brutal way and result is now available for every one to see. Our own existence has been dangered. Green House effect, rising sea level, fighting for resources, frequent earthquakes and tsunamis … isnt all this result of brutality of human beings.

What does civilization means to a human being. It means something which can satisfy his ego, his requirements. He is not concerned with the survival and well being of others. Is this really a civilized world or we are the most brutal animals on this planet?

Think and change ….. for survial … Change is the Key

Relationship….a key change

Relationship is a bond between two people. The ever happening bonds are between people of opposite sexes. They happen everywhere – school, college, colony, workplace, while travelling etc. etc. The act of Marriage was created to keep ever happening relationships betwen opposite sex under control and under so called civilised way. Society created by human beings, formulated rules and regulations to be in relationship and most of us have been following that for ages.

But are we made that way by nature. Every century sees some revolt against these rules and regulations. And today we are seing a revolt against institution of marriage or we can say the way relationships happen and progress in a civilised society. Change is the key as simple as that, but some changes are natural. We say man is a social animal and lives in a civilised way. Is this natural behaviour of man or just a principal coming out from ever thinking brain of human beings, for the sake of regulating them.

The happenings on relationship front, where sex is more prevelent today, multiple partners exist tight from school ages, live in relationships etc etc is a major change against these regulations.

Are we not moving backwards when we the human beings were like all other animals, living freely in a jungle and following only one law – Law of the Nature i.e. The most powerful survives and rules. Are we made to be regulated – is this our natural instinct……………………

Where is Creativity…

Have we ever wondered about creativity. Where has it gone and why?

Cresativity is related to Mental and Social Process – which lead to invention or discovery of idea, product, process etc. The brain flows when it is quiet and not stressed.

Life has become complex, and full of stress and is a routine for most of us. We created complexities in life, by linking everything that we want to possess and our basic needs, with currency. And to achieve that we have to work and earn and make our ends meet. We have to follow guidelines at every stage of life. On the road, in the society, at home, at our work place and even at eateries and clubs. Everyone who is capable in his own capacity is creating rules and regulations. We follow what we are made to follow.

Today creativity is limited to very few people and yes, childrens. They are most creative creatures on this planet. Childrens are creative but here also we try to restrict their creativity by teaching them complexities of  life, right from the young age.

Why do we then talk of creativity? Because we know it is essential for survival of human beings. It brings new ideas and products and energy in the life. It facilitates change…. which is so crucial for our survival.

But we human beings have one limited. We fail to provide conducive environment. So many books have een written and so many learned scholars debate on the same, but when comes to implementation we fail.

History teaches us only one thing – that Man never Learns from History and that is true in above contxt also.

Think….. is our life and intelligence is limited to dscussions only…….

Can Human beings be Equal – Ever

The question or rather issue of human equality is the most discussed issue in the political circle and media. Every leader talks about it and every political party promises a lot. But who is actually concerned about human equality and what is happening is a bigger issue and can we ever achieve it.

Right from the time when the society was formed by human beings, various sections were created for people based on the type of work they were doing. The question is – why did we segregated humans?

Because we never wanted equality……

The question which arises from this is – Why do we then talk of Equality?

Religion by Choice….

I know many heads will turn after reading the headlines.  But its only a thought and a discussion. Whether we call it Religion by choice or Faith by what we love and believe, the second one seems more appropriate to me.   The thought arises from many factors currently prevailing in the nature and society.

We are born in a society where we inherit our religion from our parents. We inherit our beliefs, we are taught to worship a particular God or Deity.  Whereas if we look at other things, we have a choice their. We select what we love to study, we select whom we will marry, we select what to eat, we select where to live, we select where to work, we select profession, then why not our faith and religion. Why cant we decide that? We have immense choices in life but except for one.

The game is about Power. Religion has been the most powerful force, it has directly and indirectly ruled us. Something which has power to rule, command people,  is most sought after. Man since its inception has been trying to control only one thing – MAN. He tries to rule man, he tries to command them, he tries to kill them, he tries to befriend them. His only enemy on this planet his – he himself.

Man found religion or faith a great tool to control another man. Thus the rules that were framed to follow a religion were based on this aspect. Religion was made so rigid that no one was given any choice to decide.  The thinking power of man i.e. brain was not allowed to be used when Religion was discussed. He was simply to follow what was written in religious books or what was told by holy priests.

Its like military, where a soldier is not allowed to use his brain. He is supposed to do what ever is told by his seniors – they call it discipline. You can call it taking away power of decision making. Religion used the same pattern to make it strong and powerful. And this led to fight among various religions. Followers of one faith started abusing others just to prove that their faith or religion was more powerful and strong. But the only thing that they are proving is the power hungry nature of MAN.

Behind everything on this planet is MAN. It maybe religion or anything else and the biggest enemy of man is man himself. So this struggle will go on and on..

What we need is Faith by choice.

The power is within………

The power lies within ourselves. But where it is? Lets search…..!

If we analyze our body and its parts, the control panel or the thinking part is Brain. It is the only area which still has not been well understood. Because it is the center of all activities not only within but outside also.

Man evolved as a basic creature and lived in caves, ate whatever he got from the nature, and is still evolving. So where are we heading? We are heading towards more complicated and more powerful or a very highly evolved human being. Once we reach the summit the game will start again – Early Man -> Composite Man -> Perfect Man.

But this evolution slow. It has taken us so many years to reach this stage. Thousands of years and we are only able to use only 5% of our Brain Power – or even that is miscalculated –  who knows. So does everything happens on its own or we have the power to CHANGE it or speed up the evolution.

Lets go back to history and in the age of civilization. We all say that one civilization was more advanced than others and so on. Meaning that people of one civilization were able to utilize greater part of brain – or we can say that they were able to speed up the process of evolution.  Then came some great men like Saints, Scientists – who were able to do things differently and were able to innovate new things or thoughts. Meaning – again they were able to use much higher part of their brain than a normal human being. They were able to speed up the process of evolution.

But its not easy to achieve that. If it was easy everyone would have done that till now. It takes years and years to understand or develop power to control your brain. Yogis spend years meditating and Civilizations took years to evolve.

But one thing is sure … we have the power inside and we can learn to control it and thus speed up the process of evolution of man towards … MORE PERFECT HUMAN BEING …. (the sixth element)

Religion….Some Food for thought

Lets go back to the period when “Early Man” was living in caves, roaming naked and fulfilling all his needs from the nature. His need were few and his life was not Complex. He survived without any obligations, bonding’s, rules and regulations. The only rule that he followed was of nature, which all animals followed.

The so called Early Man started interacting with each other and to feel secure in the unsecured world they formed small groups and started living together. When groups were formed their was need to regulate the group so a Leader was born. The group expected Leader to lead them. Leader’s felt the need to create rules which everybody can follow and his leadership is not questioned. This was the first instance of Human moving towards complexity or complex society.

Sooner Leader started enjoying a different life. He was looked after by all, he enjoyed a privileged status and all this started to develop Lust and Greed in human’s. The urge to become Leader started becoming more prevalent in other members of the group. All wanted to enjoy Power and the this gave way to the very famous truth – Power Struggle.

But the question is how this evolved in to Concept of Religion. The concept behind religion is nothing but Fear. Here Fear was the Key.  Imagine a “Early Man”, who did not understood the happenings of the nature. Flood, Earthquake, Volcano, Lightning. Imagine what his experience would have been when he first experienced these destructive forces of nature – FEAR.  We started worshiping all those things which scared us or which fulfilled our basic needs like hunger, thirst etc.

Man fears Uncertainty. We fear what is unknown to us. To bring security against these forces/fears the Leader evolved Priests – a person who led everyone from spiritual/psychological front. These priests tried to bring in security by the methods which were psychological in nature and focus on strengthening brain. And a complex system was born and evolved………….

No body knows what happened in the past. Archaeologists can keep on searching for proofs. But as a human being we can always think and go back in those times and try to visualize what could have happened and how those early man could have behaved when they first came in contact with forces of nature.

Change leads to Complications…

Does change leads to complications?

Yes, this is the general feeling because we as human being resist change. Change does not always leads to complications, but we have made one thing very complicated – our life.

Our evolution as humans was simple, our needs were simple, even we could satisfy those from nature only. But our greed and our moment towards easy life has made things more difficult. Our life is more complex, difficult and more competitive now. Instead of making it simpler we have made is complex.

But why we never learn from our mistakes? The biggest lesson from history is that “Man Never Learns from History”. We are poised to repeat that again. Is this our Destiny? Are we moving towards the most complex of all i.e. GOD?

We always follow double standard in our life. We do and behave differently in our professional life as compared to our personal and social life. While learning all those management principles we try to make things simpler so that operators and blue collar workers are able to adopt it with ease. But when it comes to society, religion, our lives we develop complex algorithms.

We are like Spiders but with a difference. Spider never get caught in their own web, but we human beings create a web and get caught in it. We are the predator and we are the prey. Who is our enemy – we ourselves.  Humans fights human, human competes human, human loves human. We create complex systems so that none of us can move away from it.

But does any one of us has this answer – Why do we do this? We are suppose to be most intelligent creature on this planet and none of us have a concrete answer?

Change.. a bare truth.. but..

The word CHANGE is the most happening word in the whole universe. Charles Darwin became famous because of this concept only – Survival of the fittest i.e. either you change (evolve) or you perish. Change is eternal – it is present everywhere. But – we resist it. We humans have strange ways. We first resist but at a later stage we resign and accept the same.

Our thoughts change in split second, the nature around us change, our looks, our priorities all keep on changing. Change is of two types – Known and Unknown or Predictable and Unpredictable or Identified and Unidentified. A change which is unknown can bring in any result and can surprise us. It is difficult (if not impossible) to manage unknown change or simply called Uncertainty.

But a wise man can easily manage a change which is known or predictable. The question is then why do we resist it? Just because we are humans and it is our trait to resist everything. Even qualified professionals working in good companies do that.  Being qualified does not mean that you are wise…..

So do our companies need to change frequently. Isn’t change inconsistent? The world has become flat on the economic front. Boundaries have vanished for businesses. Which means more competition. More competition means more pressure on price and which leads to pressure on margins. So what is required is bringing in more Efficiency in the business.

Technology plays a crucial role in bringing in the efficiency in the business and Information Technology is one such tool, which if deployed properly can do magic, but if not handled properly it can only bring in complexity and lead to increase in expenses and leaves behind frustrated users.

But deployment of Information Technology requires change and change brings in resistance. A seamless integration of technology and its alignment with Business Objectives is always a bigger challenge. But a challenge which can be achieved and managed.